UK-Based Nigerian Couple Subjects Lady to ‘Slavery’ After Hiring Her as Nanny

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Rose has shared her ordeal of mistreatment while working as a nanny for a Nigerian couple in the United Kingdom.

Rose, in her early 20s, learned of the UK job opportunity through a family friend from church in Nigeria, who informed her that a wealthy Nigerian couple was seeking a nanny for their daughter.

‘I felt so exhausted… so empty. This was not what they promised me,’ Rose said.

Rose traveled to the UK on a six-month tourist visa, expecting to care for the couple’s daughter and pursue her education with their sponsorship.

Upon arrival, Rose found the couple initially ‘nice,’ but soon discovered that the work expectations were vastly different from what was promised.

‘That’s when it dawned on me – ‘Oh, these people actually bring me here to work for them as a slave,’ Rose said.

Rose endured grueling work hours, unpaid wages, and verbal abuse from the couple.

At one point, the wife returned to Nigeria, leaving Rose alone with the husband, who subjected her to sexual, emotional, and physical abuse.

‘He raped me countless times because I can’t talk to anybody. My life was hell,’ Rose said.

Feeling trapped and isolated, Rose eventually confided in a friend and reported the abuse to the police.

‘I didn’t have that confidence anymore because I didn’t see myself as good enough; I didn’t see myself as a human being,’ Rose said.

Despite reporting the matter to the police and receiving initial recognition from the Home Office as a victim of modern slavery, no charges have been brought against the couple, and the investigation is ongoing.

Rose currently resides in a Salvation Army safe house in Cambridgeshire, trying to rebuild her life.”

10 thoughts on

UK-Based Nigerian Couple Subjects Lady to ‘Slavery’ After Hiring Her as Nanny

  • Omiyale Abiodun John

    Eei the last part of the news got me
    Despite that the home has been identified no charges has been pressed
    This is wrong
    Cuz wtf 😳
    I hope the right people get to know about this and avenge rose cuz if not others will have the confidence to do things like this
    The husband must not go scout free

  • Opeyemi

    Not everyone living abroad are living fine
    I hope you get to build your life back again Rose

  • Babalola barakat ifeoluwa

    Wtf!! How can they be so wicked

  • okohmichael28

    That’s too bad.
    That’s what I must Japa from this country bring to some people sha

  • Ellap

    This couple are so heartless
    We really need to be careful about the decision we make
    Not everyone is good enough

  • Ololade Kehinde

    Not all that glitters is gold.i think there is a lesson to learn here for all youth who are so passionate to jaapa.
    we all know the country is hard but we need to be careful with our decision making.not everyone abroad is living fine.

  • Oyedibu Fikayo Odunayo

    People are wicked at times…can u imagine…

  • Chioma

    People nowadays are so heartless no human symphanty aaar swear buh shaa atleast am happy she is saved biko

  • Ololade Taiwo Michael

    How heartless people can be, we all need to be careful when opportunity comes in. We pray for God’s direction.

  • demola14

    Why are people this mean and wicked, she is working for you yet you make her life a living hell, the police should fast track their investigation for justice to prevail

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