‘Chomzy acting like a mother to another woman’s child’-Chomzy’s husband accused of separating son from his mother

BBNaija’s ‘Level Up’ star, Chomzy, found herself at the center of online controversy after allegations emerged involving her husband forcefully taking his son away from the child’s mother.

Chomzy sparked buzz on the internet when she warmly celebrated her stepson’s birthday, sharing photos on her Instagram page and affectionately describing him as their source of joy. She showered prayers for her husband’s son, wishing him endless adventures filled with love, laughter, and blessings.

The expectant reality star and her husband hosted an extravagant birthday bash for the one-year-old in Lagos, with notable guests including the BBNaija couple, Sheggz and Bella. However, it was noticeable that the one-year-old’s mother was absent from the celebration, reportedly due to losing custody of her son.

Allegations surfaced from an accuser identified as @DaniellaDupe on X, who claimed that Chomzy’s husband had forcefully taken his son away from the mother. The accuser detailed instances of physical abuse and the use of threats and financial power against the child’s mother.

Reactions poured in online, with many expressing disapproval of separating a child from their mother. Some criticized Chomzy and her husband’s actions, while others expressed sympathy for the child’s mother and called for justice.

  1. Nnekwu Mmuo wrote, “Except the child’s mom is mad or incapacitated. Why should you be in support of this act @chomzy? The same koboko used to flog the previous, go still touch you.”
  2. Official Divine Godson wrote, “Take away my child at few months, must be ment because when I was pushing out the child, you helped me?”
  3. Deh Bombomn wrote, “And Chomzy accepted to him taking away the child from his mother? Lmao.”
  4. Maglyn wrote, “Taking a child from the mother isn’t nice.”
  5. Tunz wrote, “But Chomzy and her husband are very irritating.”
  6. Eva wrote, “No lady in her right sense would support this.”
  7. De Reckoner wrote, “Lmao. The good thing Chomzy herself is pregnant, when her child is taken away from her and the newest flame in town begins to do whatever rubbish she is doing currently, maybe then common sense will set in.”

12 thoughts on

‘Chomzy acting like a mother to another woman’s child’-Chomzy’s husband accused of separating son from his mother

  • Babalola barakat ifeoluwa

    Huhmm nobody knows what’s going on let’s not judge what we see online sometimes

  • okohmichael28

    That’s a good one from Chomzy. Happy birthday to the boy

  • Ololade Kehinde

    Children should not be denied motherly care because it goes along way in a child’s growth.

  • Opeyemi

    Believe what you see on social media at ur own risk
    We didn’t even hear from the other parties yet

  • Ellap

    I think there’s a reason behind her action

  • anikky

    Maybe they both had an agreement before having the baby 🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨,

  • Chaselkate

    In my own point of view, i think the only thing that will separate a child from his or her mom is if the mother is dead or the child is abandon or if the child is dead.

  • Ololade Taiwo Michael

    If this write-up is true, taking a child away from the mother is not okay.

  • Chioma

    Hmm well from my own pov i think they need to think and investigate well ooh cause social media is another lying platform were everyone come out to say their mind

  • Oyedibu Fikayo Odunayo

    Well well …..It might stem from empathy, a desire to nurture, or a close bond with the child’s family. Without more context, it’s hard to determine specifics. As for accusations against Chomzy’s husband separating a son from his mother, that’s a serious matter that should be thoroughly investigated to understand the truth and ensure the well-being of the child.

  • demola14

    No amount of not allowing they not to see their mother Children will definitely look for their mother whenever they are ready

  • Omiyale Abiodun John

    Well my pov
    I don’t really know the full story oo but since the mother in charge of the child is happy even though it’s not her child then I feel everywhere is good

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